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What is Mane vibes?

Mane Vibes Studio is a cozy and chill hair studio where you can sit back, relax, drink some wine, and allow all of your hair worries to go away. After an inspiring few days of educational training in California, Palmer embarked on the journey of leaving her old salon and pursued her dreams of owning her own salon studio. Although the process of starting her own business was intimidating at first, the results have been very rewarding. Palmer is generating a cool, eclectic clientele, with hair which reflects quintessential California vibes. The mission at Mane Vibes is to make sure that each client looks as beautiful on the outside as she is beautiful on the inside; because when you look good you feel good!

Meet the artist

Hometown: Atlanta

Favorite singers: Sade and Little Mix

Favorite foods: Sushi, Tacos, Pasta

Hobby: Cooking and Travel

Happy place: Family time and the beach

Playlist repeat: No Ordinary Love (Sade)

Favorite color: Blush Pink


  My journey and passion for hair starts back to when I was a child. Growing up in the Atlanta suburbs, my first vivid childhood memory involved hair and beauty. I would play with my Barbie dolls and let my imagination run wild, pretending to be a master stylist – whether styling, braiding, and roller sets. I even offered haircuts, but only for my sister’s dolls, not my own. When she noticed her dolls’ hair looked different than before, I would just tell her that her favorite doll was in desperate need for a makeover. Fast forward to my senior year in high school, I had an opening in my schedule, and cosmetology was offered as an elective. It was a perfect match! Even though I was only taught the basics, I absolutely fell in love with the subject. However, I put my love affair with hair on hold when I found out that I was accepted to attend Georgia State University. While I appreciate my GSU experience, I realized college was not meant for me.


  I resumed my hair journey when I decided to enroll and graduate from Paul Mitchell the School Esani and obtain my license as a Master Cosmetologist. After working in a couple salons, I decided to follow my dream and open my own studio. My trip to California played a huge factor in my decision. I wanted to give my clients the most personalized experience at Mane Vibes. My artistic perspective has enabled me to create custom balayages, bright vivids, and highlights for a seamless, effortless, and jaw dropping creations. But the most important aspect to me is healthy hair and to keep the integrity of it. Education is what keeps my passion thriving. I am constantly learning from top educators such as: Tracey Cunningham, Guy Tang, Justin Isaac, Kara Richards, and many more inspiring artists.


  If I am not in my salon or cultivating my craft with continuing educational classes, then I am spending much of my free time with my friends and family. I am the ultimate foodie and enjoy giving recommendations and trading recipes. Also, I’ve been bitten by the travel bug and love how travel heals and refreshes the soul. I’ve quickly learned keeping a balanced life is an essential way to keep the passion alive. 


  My mission at Mane Vibes Studio is simple: I want my clients to feel beautiful, not only on the outside but also the inside. My aim is to bring that to the forefront during their visit. My priority is to provide you with the best possible experience while pampering you with head and hand massages, steam towels, and wine so that you can decompress into a peaceful bliss. Your hair is literally my canvas, and it is my goal to have each client leave my chair with healthy, lush, beautiful hair. I can't wait to play and create some magic in your hair. If you have any questions, feel free to text or call; otherwise, I’ll see you soon!



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